Election Reform

Citizens, Not CEOs: Taking Money Out of Politics


Money in politics is a rot that is growing. The disastrous Citizens United decision gave free reign to corporations and lobbyists to buy influence with politicians. Commonsense solutions to the most pressing issues facing the country have been thwarted by monied interests. While many voters on both sides of the aisle have paid lip service to the issue, there has been no serious push on the federal level.


In the Senate, Richard would take the following steps to eliminate the insidious influence of money in politics:


1. Introduce a bill requiring complete transparency of money in politics, including contributions to, 501(c)(3) organizations, 501(c)(4) organizations, PACs, Super PACs, and any dark money organizations engaging in communications intended to influence elections. All such contributions will be recorded by the FEC and made publicly available.


2. Enact the Taxation Only With Representation statute giving every taxpayer the right to designate the first $200 of their taxes to the campaign(s) of his/her choice.


3. Vote against the appointment of any Supreme Court nominee who will not, under oath, commit to overturning the decision on FEC vs. Citizens United.


4. Provide funding to state legislatures to organize and sponsor televised debates for both the primary and general election of all federal and statewide offices, as well as any other offices at the discretion of the legislature.


Richard Painter For United States Senate