Rural Revitalization Plan

Rural Revitalization Plan


Support small businesses

Small businesses are essential to the U.S. economy; without local businesses and entrepreneurs, the nation would be overtaken by large corporations with little regard for local communities. Richard will support small businesses by enforcing tax cuts, providing small government grants, and ensuring SBA loans as well as loans from local banks. Richard’s efforts to support small businesses will help facilitate a sense of community within Minnesota’s cities and towns, thus generating vibrant local economies. Most importantly, supporting small businesses will bring new job opportunities to rural communities.

Improve rural broadband

In the current globalized system, internet access is nearly essential for the success of small businesses and local communities. Small businesses in rural communities often have difficulties due to slow or absent internet access. According to a recent Minnesota Employment and Economic Development report, there are 252,000 Minnesota households that lack quality high-speed broadband service. A majority of these are in rural areas. From the same report, 26.55 percent of rural Minnesota households lack quality high-speed service, compared to less than two percent of Twin Cities metro area residents.


By pushing for increased funding for broadband in rural regions, Richard will help boost internet capabilities and help local small businesses be more competitive in the greater market. Increasing the efficacy of rural broadband will benefit local businesses and economies, bring an influx of new jobs, and revitalize the economy.

Encourage clean energy jobs

Clean energy is the future of jobs and economic development in the United States. Due to increased fossil fuels and greenhouse gases emitted by traditional energy sources such as burning coal, the environment is quickly deteriorating. In order to mitigate these negative impacts on the environment while revitalizing local economies and expanding job opportunities, Richard will push for the implementation of clean energy sources throughout Minnesota.


Today, clean energy jobs are the fastest growing subset of jobs in the United States with the greatest opportunity for exponential growth. Investing in clean energy will increase jobs in all areas of processing such as installation, manufacturing, sales and distribution, and project development. Clean energy is essential to ensure the longevity of our planet. Investing in clean energy sources will not only mitigate the disastrous effects of climate change, but will also create new jobs and lead to greater economic prosperity.

Trump’s tariffs on foreign imports will devastate the ability for American companies to manufacture green technology. We have begun to see these effects already. Richard opposes these tariffs and the trade wars that will inevitably ensue. Using domestic products and materials is important, but these tariffs will be catastrophic, and will surely rob Minnesota of clean jobs.


For more information on Richard’s clean energy and environmental policy, click here.


Invest in skilled workers

Skilled workers are essential to a flourishing economy and promoting job opportunities. Richard will encourage employment and training programs as well as adult education and literacy programs to invest in the capabilities of workers. Richard will invest in skilled workers and as such, will invest in small businesses to be more competitive in the global economy. Improving the capabilities of individual workers will make local businesses more competitive, increase jobs, and improve local and national economies.

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