Tax Rally at the Capitol


Please join us for a Tax Day March and Rally at our State Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota on Saturday, June 30th.

We are marching because all politicians, including the President, must be accountable to the American people. Trump must act in the public interest and release his returns, divest his holdings, and disclose his conflicts of interest. We are here to put an end to pay to play politics.​

In addition, the march calls for:

a.) Transparency into the impact of the Tax Plan and federal budget on the State of Minnesota, including increased tax burden, decreased services for those in need, and risks to programs (i.e., Social Security, Medicare) that we’ve been paying into with every single paycheck.

b.) Laws requiring fair, standardized reporting of ALL DONORS for all Political Advocacy organizations. Organizations and lobbyists who do not comply should be BARRED from all activity in Minnesota. Our political representation must be beholden to the people, not special interests.

c.) A tax code that requires all Americans to shoulder an equitable burden for maintaining the communities and services we all depend on: closing loopholes for the wealthy and big corporations as well as shifting our tax reform focus from “discounts” to “stewardship of resources.”

For information regarding the march, or to RSVP, please visit


Richard Painter For United States Senate